SUNGADAN (pronounced: soong - ah - dawn) is a small fishing and farming village in the Ilocos region of Northern Philippines. It is a place where people put Love, Peace, Respect, Honor and Commitment to Family above anything. Sungadan (literal meaning "Entrance") is chosen for the name of the art, to symbolize the student's entrance to the secrets of Martial Arts. 

In our studio we teach traditional Martial Arts, which include: Karate, Ju Jutsu and Filipino Martial Arts. Sungadan is a blend of several empty hand and weapon based combat disciplines using Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate as the base art. The incorporation of the empty hand art of Awaten Combat Ju Jutsu, Tae Kyon (Tae Kwon Do), Yang Luchuan Tai Chi, Gee Joh Acupressure and Dimmak, the weapon based arts of Filipino Stick and Knife Fighting, Japanese Sword Art of Goshindo, and Okinawan Kubudo Weaponry, define the Sungadan system.