Shorin Ryu karate is an Okinawan system of Martial Arts. It uses kicks, punches, elbows and knee strikes as its primary weapons. It is a variation of Chinese Southern Crane Kung Fu. The beauty of Shorin Ryu is its katas. Katas are pre-arranged movements that are designed to hone its practitioners techniques through repetitive movement until each technique is committed to muscle memory. Every movement of our katas have multiple self defense applications. It covers from simple block-punch techniques, to block-throw, to pressure point strikes, all the way to energy strikes. Karate will help improve physical and mental health, as well as, improve discipline, attention span and focus.


Ju Jutsu is a combat art. It is one of the most complete Martial Art. It was the Martial Art that the samurai warriors used in combat when they lost their weapon. It covers the short combat range with different types of joint locks, chokes, throws, takedowns and ground grappling techniques. The techniques of Ju Jutsu range from very gentle to very brutal; after all, it was developed to save lives in military situation. Ju Jutsu was the original mix Martial Art. It is a mix Martial Art at its purest form with tradition, respect, honor and history. It is one of the most effective self defense ever devised.


We teach weapons to cover the extreme distance combat range. We teach the Filipino Balisong (or butterfly knife fighting) and the Filipino Arnis (or stick fighting). We also teach Okinawan Kubudo, such as Tonfa, Sai, Nunchaku and Jo (staff). We also teach the Japanese Sword Art of Goshindo and Chanbara.